Project: Cheers, Sofia! New vision for chimney KAMENITSA

Client: Kamenitza

After the mega project with 17-foot bottle of Kamenitza, continuing the tradition with something less current – model-looking like 100% ken in MEGA sizes – ranging from the tab at the top of the cans, and moving to a brand new look with Cold Edge zones and distinctive elements of the brand logo.

The luminous elements are panels on the technology that is used in the aerospace industry and constitute a film, which conducts electricity and is located in middlephosphoric space. As a result monitored beautiful and vibrant colors of backlited element. Lightweight and flexible, the panel is suitable carrier of image and allows animation for greater effect in the nighttime.

For the realization of the project are used materials of the highest quality to withstand climate change. A team of professionals worked on the design and construction of the new structure, which is a fact since December 2014.