FARA 2016

The seventeenth edition of the Festival of Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies (BACA) – FARA 2016 will be held from 15 to 17 September 2016 and for the first time the place will be not Albena where traditionally held but Plovdiv – the city of seven hills.

This year, as well, the event aims to examine and distinguish the best among the participants in various categories. The theme of the festival is called “Transformation” with the idea to show how advertising and communication transform the business and the environment we live in.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation ended on 29 July 2016. Metropolis Group will participate again in the category “Innovative use of traditional media.”

We are looking for mid-September to see the new, creative and effective promotional activities and of course – the creators of the new and never seen before stuff. We will certainly be there.