Client: Asset Insurance As part of the advertising strategy of customer, a project was implemented – to build a roof sign on one of the intersections with the most intense road and pedestrian traffic in the city of Sofia. The advertising sign or the advertising logo, channel letters, illuminated letters, etc. with approximate dimensions 11x3m […]

Mesh BDB – free to rent from June 2015

  Since June 2015 meshat BDB (Bulgarian Development Bank), located in the top center of Sofia, can be used for outdoor campaign. More information about the location ТУК Realized client campaigns so far: Coca-Cola, Globul, Ranault, Telenor Upon request, on terms and conditions of the location and employment can email us at  

Christmas campaign of Jack Daniel’s: Installing LED display with FREE WiFi on turbot

Client: Jack Daniel’s To Christmas campaign Jack Daniel’s a project was implemented in construction of digital installation turbot, where the people passing through location can share the Christmas spirit. Through open WiFi network, by “login” with your Facebook account, anyone can see his name appearing on the interactive display. The idea for the project came […]

Campaign “ripe for something new” Frezco cheese

Клиент: бранд Frezco За Коледните и Новогодишните празници бе реализирана аутдор кампания на ТОП локация в София. За целта бе избрана най-оживената пешеходна артерия в столицата – бул. Витоша, по която дневно преминават десетки хиляди пешеходци и се счита за любимо място за разходка, както през летните, така през зимните месеци.   Кампанията все още […]

Installing an element “Ever mirror” on turbot

Client: Alexandra Group – film Interstellar /Interstellar/ For the Campaign of the popular film Interstellar a project was realized (creative and marketing Metropolis), construction / installation of unconventional element on Megaboard/turbot. The item was a special construction, which on evening when passing through the location, was creating an effect of movement in a three-dimensional space […]

Installing the LED displays on turbot

Ice displays, reflecting the amount paid profits from early 2013 from Eurobet. There will be placed total number of 4 key locations on the territory of Sofia for a period of one year. The displays have built-in software that enables continuous updating of the displayed data. Fitting and construction of the project team of professionals […]

Scene of modern theater art

The project was implemented by the idea and proposal of Metropolis to customer Avendi – J & B and designed to the smallest detail together with servicing agency Knoway. The scene is branded in the spirit of the campaign of J & B – Starting parties since 1749. Due to the fact that advertising and […]