Snow media – the NEW winter media

Snow media is an innovative format in our portfolio that enables highly effective advertising communication during an unforgettable winter season momentum.

Bulgarian mountain resorts are visited by nearly 2 million visitors each winter season and in the last few years the number of those visitors is constantly growing.

Snow media offers branding of ski racks, where tourists place their snow riding equipment, so they don’t have to carry it around by hand. Ski and snowboard racks are appreciated by skiers and snowboarders, because they offer much comfort while having a snack or shopping. Snow media provides advertising reach to not only winter sports fanciers, but to all visitors of the ski resort in general. Advertising positions are on strategic locations: at the front of lift stations, around snacking areas, ski equipment rental spots, as well as main hotels, restaurants and bars. As compared to road network positions, Snow Media is targeted to impact people when they have already reached their final destination, with a prolonged communication exposure.

Snow media is a feature for an optimal and effective advertising campaign in the key locations of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria. It is at your service throughout the winter season from its launch to first spring sun.

Currently Metropolis Group is the exclusive outdoor media agency offering this type of media advertising.

For more information on Snow media details and availability in the upcoming winter season, feel free to write to us