Rooftop company logo – ASSET Insurance

Client: ASSET Insurance ASSET Insurance added one more position to their strong image presence with company logo rooftop forms. The company logo beams at one of the busiest intersections in the capital – Levski Monument (“Vasil Levski” Blvd. and “Janko Sakazov” Str.). The new rooftop sign, that we carried out as a project, has direct […]

Brand NEW advertising positions coming soon – TOP centre, BEST prices

Considering the construction of the new metro diameter in the capital, you will be able to rent new advertising positions on TOP locations in Sofia. They will be located at key intersections planned for metrostations with a concentration of road and / or pedestrian traffic. Preferential prices will be provided if you rent all ad […]

FARA 2016

The seventeenth edition of the Festival of Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies (BACA) – FARA 2016 will be held from 15 to 17 September 2016 and for the first time the place will be not Albena where traditionally held but Plovdiv – the city of seven hills. This year, as well, the event aims to […]

100% summer mode ON

The summer holidays’ season has already begun. This year one of the most popular formats for outdoor advertising is the one closer to people – The BRANDED beach equipment (safeguard posts and changing rooms). Please, have in mind that once this season has been completed you can BOOK advertising units for the next year – […]

Special *summer discounts* on renting units for outdoor advertising

We can offer for the summer exclusive summer prices for some of the advertising formats – billboards 4×3 piza type, street boards and blind walls. Additional discount will be provided for quantity – a larger number of units or a campaign longer than one advertising period. Please take a look at the pictures of some […]

NEW billboards 4×3 – impact expanding the company’s portfolio

We can officially announce the brand new advertising positions of the most popular format for outdoor advertising in Bulgaria – billboards 4×3 piza type. The ad locations will be additionally included in the interactive map on our website to the already existing network of format 4×3. You can get most up to date information about […]


Client: Asset Insurance As part of the advertising strategy of customer, a project was implemented – to build a roof sign on one of the intersections with the most intense road and pedestrian traffic in the city of Sofia. The advertising sign or the advertising logo, channel letters, illuminated letters, etc. with approximate dimensions 11x3m […]

Audi Q7: “Backlit” headlights of NEW generation

Client: Audi For the new model of the Audi Q7 series was realized a project “backlit” headlights of the vehicle on an ad format turbot in mega size (10x15m). For this purpose on the finished vision were built / installed 2 pieces lights, each with dimensions ~ 150/50 cm, using a combination of innovative materials […]